The 12 Best Coastal Cities for Whale-Watching

In the waters surrounding these bustling seaside settlements, you'll find some of the world's best whale-watching opportunities.

Equipped with massive lungs, and a haunting song that carries miles through the ocean, whales have captured the hearts of philosophers and pop stars alike throughout history. Though many species were driven to the brink of extinction in recent years, nations across the globe have worked in close cooperation to protect these gentle giants from further harm—and in the modern era, there’s a wealth of charming coastal settlements that offer ample opportunity to view them in the wild.

These Are The Longest Bridges in the World

Do you have the heart to cross them?

In cities like New York, San Francisco, London, Mumbai, and Sydney, bridges have become the emblematic stamp. But, of course, they serve a higher purpose. The postcard-worthy structures improve the quality of life for locals by cutting down their commute time, whether on car, on foot, or by rail. These longest bridges in the world are connecting lives, and if you happen to be in one of these cities, it might be worth admiring their craftsmanship, design, and significance. And crossing some of these marvels will count as an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Related: World’s Most Beautiful Bridges

10 Islands Youve Probably Never Heard of But Have to See

These islands might not ring a bell, but they pack a punch.

You’ve certainly heard of Cyprus, Cuba, and Curaçao, but what about the island nation of Kiribati, the only country in the world that’s on all four hemispheres? Or visited Bonaire, the only country that’s a protected marine park in its entirety? After you’ve checked the usual suspects off your bucket list, countless lesser-known islands await for fresh experiences. From underwater post offices to 26-hour music festivals for people with specific names, the following islands have everything going for them—except big crowds. Here are 10 of the world’s tropical best-kept secrets.

10 Amazing Family Excursions for Parents Who Want More Than the All-Inclusive Kids Club

From Switzerland to Costa Rica, these 10 family excursions are a great alternative to all-inclusive kid-friendly resorts and cruises.

Sometimes all parents want to do on vacation is drop the little angels off at the kids’ club for the day and kick back with an Aperol Spritz. And to that, we say #bless! But the greatest vacation memories—the kind that turns into family stories you’ll tell for decades to come—come from the days you all go on an adventure together, immersing yourselves in the destination you’re visiting. Resorts are catching on to the fact that sometimes the point of traveling together is to do just that, and are offering family adventures that are part team-building exercise, part field trip, and 100 percent fun. Whether your family’s idea of a good time is an alpine hike, a Mediterranean cruise, or desert camp-out, there’s an excursion destined to become your best trip ever. Here are 10 unforgettable options that will keep you and yours from reaching for the iPad.

12 Best U.S. Seaside Cities for a Summer Escape

Inspiration for your next "seascape."

Summer oftentimes means time spent out at the beach or out at sea, but these coastal cities offer visitors and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy some urban amenities, including the top-notch shopping and dining that a more “metropolitan” spot would offer. Here are 12 of the most vibrant seaside cities that host the best of both worlds for a summer escape, with a dynamic selection of shopping, dining, and outdoor exploration across both coasts of the U.S.