Kazakhstan Adventure

06/05/2023 through 09/19/2024
06/05/2023 through 10/05/2024
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Kazakhstan Adventure

Beginning in the futuristic cityscapes of Nur-Sultan (until recently, Astana), join us on this exploration from mighty Kazakhstan to mountainous Kyrgyzstan. From the otherworldly scenery of the Boszhira Valley to the ancient city of Turkistan, the Silk Road ruins of Otrar, and the culturally rich Almaty, the sights along the way are unlike anywhere else on earth. Continue your journey to the seldom visited Kyrgyzstan, skirt the vast waters of Issyk-Kul and end in the relaxed capital of Bishkek.


  • Nur-Sultan – City tour
  • Ak Tau – city tour
  • Boszhira Valley – Jeep safari
  • Boszhira Valley – Chalky canyon
  • Boszhira Valley – Ustyurt Plateau salty lake
  • Ak Tau – Sherkala mountain
  • Ak Tau – Airakty Shumanai Valley
  • Ak Tau – Valley of Orbs
  • Ak Tau – Shakpak Ata
  • Turkistan – Caravan Serai complex
  • Otrar – Ancient settlement
  • Turkistan – Yasui Mausoleum
  • Almaty – Panfilov Park
  • Almaty – Zenkov Cathedral
  • Almaty – Kok Tobe Hill
  • Almaty – Central State Museum
  • Almaty – Museum of Kazakh Musical Instruments
  • Almaty – Lake Issyk
  • Almaty – Turgen Gorge
  • Almaty – Winery visit and wine tasting
  • Charyn Canyon – National Park
  • Karakol – Dungan Mosque
  • Karakol – Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral
  • Karakol – Przhevalskiy Museum
  • Karakol – Jeti Orghuz Canyon Hike
  • Cholpan Ata – Petroglyphs
  • Bishkek – City Tour


  • Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are truly off the beaten track and sees few foreign travellers, especially outside Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Bishkek, and for much of this trip you will truly feel the remoteness of Central Asia.
  • Hop on a 4×4 off-road jeep safari into the back country of Mangystau in Kazakhstan and come close with its moonscape scenery at Boszhira valley
  • Discover the history and architecture of the Silk Road. Explore one of the most intriguing 10th century underground mosques at Shakpak-Ata, and uncover the charm of the legendary Turkistan.
  • Travel alongside locals and admire wild, sweeping vistas on epic train rides across the Kazakh steppe.
  • Drive along the northern shore of Issykul Lake, surrounded by snow capped mountains and hike the Jeti Orghuz Canyon for an amazing panorama view.


Day 1 Nur-Sultan (Astana)
Day 2 Nur-Sultan (Astana)
Day 3 Jana Ozon
Day 4 Boszhira Valley
Day 5 Ak Tau
Day 6 Turkistan
Day 7 Shymkent/Overnight train
Day 8 Almaty
Day 9 Almaty
Day 10 Almaty – KAZ/KGZ Border Crossing – Karakol
Day 11 Karakol
Day 12 Bishkek
Day 13 Bishkek
Day 14 Bishkek

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